Android M – What’s best in Google’s latest operating system

Google release Android M for developers review. We got chance to review and use Android M for test basis. Here are the 11 unique Android M new features that will describe what’s best in Google’s latest operating system Android M.

1. Permission:

One annoying thing about Android is downloading app requires agreeing to all its permissions which might include things you don’t agree with, like access to your contacts when it’s an endless runner game. Well Android M is going to change that with the ability to pick and choose which permissions you’re happy with for each individual app. You’ll also be able to accept or deny a specific permission as and when an app requests it.


Android M Whats app permissions

2. Web experience:

Chrome Custom tab will help to keep Sign in, Saved Passwords, Auto fill, and Multi-process security. Chrome Custom tab enabling back button and custom social media button. Like: Pin it etc. button.


Web Experience on Android M

3. App links:

App links features are linking between different apps. For example, Android M will link your mobile phone’s Tweeter apps to YouTube apps or with the other installed apps. Suppose you receive a mail in your Gmail inbox with a link of a tweet, so when you click on the tweet link, the tweet will open in to your Gmail app environment in embedded mode rather redirects to the Tweeter app.


Tweet link receive in Gmail


Tweet link opens

4. Mobile Payment:

We’re still a little way off mobile phone payments being the norm but Android M will be part of the drive to this kind of future. Like Apple and Samsung, Google has announced its own contactless payment system. Android Pay will be baked into Android M allowing you to make purchases with a simple tap (via NFC) without even opening an app.

android-pay-logoAndroid Pay mainly focused on Simplicity, Security and Choice. It secured because when you try to payment, a virtual card no will creates against your original card no and your original card no will not show and preserve in Android Pay. Android Pay is open platform. So that anyone can easily connect through any app or through any banking app. Initially Android Pay will support VISA, Master Card, American Express and Discover. Also will works easily with USA mobile carrier, like: AT&T, F-Mobile and Verizon. So that when you buy a new phone then you will be instantly ready for shopping. Android pay will work 700+ merchant & retailer like: MacDonald’s, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Best Buy, Subway, Nike etc. all over the world.


Buy With Android Pay

5. Finger print support:

We’ve already got fingerprint scanners on numerous devices so it might not seem like a new feature but Android M natively supports them. This means you’ll be able to use them to authorize payments via Android Pay and confirm Play store purchases. Developers can also use the functionality within their apps.


Android M authenticate target app fingerprint


Android M deep app links

Android Pay is enabling One Touch instant payment for the first time. For example, a visitor visits in an eCommerce site and purchase a bag. During the checkout cart and transaction, Android Pay will ask for pre-configured Finger print and when user will touch the finger screen and the transaction will be done. There are also some useful uses for finger print, like, Device Unlock, Play store purchase, Open authentication APIs.

6. Power & Charging:

We all want better battery life and any improvement is good. Indeed, manufacturers like Samsung have angered some customers by making the battery non-removable. Well that might not be such a big deal thanks to Doze mode in Android M. This monitors when the device isn’t being used to put it into a deep sleep which uses less power and can double your battery life. Android M save power 2 times then Android Lollipop.


Android M New Nexus 5 USB Type C

USB Type C port is introducing for charging Android M device. It’s a hardware feature but Android M supports USB Type C which is good news for future devices – potentially starting with the Nexus 5 2015. You can plug it in either way around; it will charge your device quicker and even allow you to charge other devices.

With this cable user can charge from any laptop, desktop, electricity or from any other devices. This cable is Handy, flip able and user don’t choose to which side have to push for charge. It will charge anything to 3-5 times faster. Whenever user connect the USB type C cable with Android M, it will asks use USB options for Charging, power supply, File transfer, photo transferring, Mics.

7. Customize Quick settings:

There also hundreds of new features are incorporated in Android M. Direct share feature of Android M will memories your frequent sharing person’s name. So that whenever user presses for sharing, Android M will come up with the most frequent shared persons.


Android M Customize Quick settings

8. Uninstall apps quickly:

We love Android Lollipop and one of the best things about Google’s OS is the way you can change things around exactly how you like. However, Lollipop doesn’t let you customize the Quick Settings to the ones you want to you the most and in the layout which suits you. Well the SystemUI Tuner in Android M lets you do exactly that, hallelujah. (This needs switching on in Developer Mode currently).


Android M Uninstall apps quickly

9. Now on tap:

Google Now is a great feature of Android and it gets even better in Android M. Now on Tap means you can long press the home button wherever you are you call up Google Now. Better still, you don’t need to navigate away from the app you’re using and it will already have a good idea of what help you need based on what you’ve been doing – eg. Directions to a location after chatting to a friend about meeting up.


Android M Google now on tap

10. Direct share:

If you send links, photos or files to the same contacts then Android M will start adding them to the Share menu to speed up the process. It’s a bit like having favorite contacts when you open the Dialler app to call someone.

11. Better volume control:

Not only is Do Not Disturb (DND) part of Quick Settings in Android M, the volume control has been tweaked for the better. You can now easily control the volume of calls, notifications and alarms with three separate sliders – simple but effective.


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