An analyze on the rates of ADSL and the optical fiber

If few weeks ago did a review of prices for combined rates between mobile and ADSL to be found in the market, now it’s the site offers only basic include Internet access (which typically includes calls via landline). It is an interesting option for those who do not use mobile or are happy with the offer and enjoy and do not want to catch all services in a single operator. What’s the deal with Internet faster? What is the cheapest deal in the market? We bring you a comparison with rates for major ADSL and optical fiber with their end prices and costs that are associated and permanence.


We started by users who want to get a rate ADSL without scratching the Pocket, saving pesos euros which are often missing when it comes to end of the month. In all the deals that we will show in the comparison must take into account that services are restricted to the coverage of the company, and it is important to check with the operator before making the purchase.

Pepephone. Today, the most competitive rate we can find in the market is the Pepephone. The company offers ADSL for a price of 23.6 euros per month, and there is no associated permanence. Yes, the users who will invest in this company have to consider several initial expenses. For one, the line installation cost 42.60 euros if we portability of our line, and to 90.75 euros if you activate a new line. Furthermore, if we reuse an old router you will pay 36.30 euros to have a new one. On the other hand, if we disable the line without portability to another company you will pay 18.15 euros. Pepephone All this makes only profitable if we plan to stay a longer time in the company.

Vodafone. The operator offers ADSL with speeds up to 35 MB for a price of 36.21 euros for the first year. After the promotion period finished, the price will rise to 48.28 euros. The residence time is 12 months. This is an offer that may be interesting for a year for its greater speed than other ADSL market deals. This fee also includes 3000 minutes of calls to landlines and 350 minutes to mobiles at the weekend and holidays.

Orange. The Company Orange ADSL has up to 20 MB with a price of 32.61 euros for 12 months, raising the price to 49.55 euros off promotion. As in the previous case, the retention is 12 months. Also includes unlimited landline and 1,000 minutes per month to Mobile evening hours and weekends and holidays calls.

Movistar. The basic deal has Movistar ADSL speeds up to 10 MB. For this service the veteran company, no need to hire any kind of permanence. Its price is 38.72 euros per month and includes unlimited calls to landlines. If we have 550 minutes to mobiles, the price rises to 41.48 euros per month.

Jazztel. The company offers ADSL speed up to 12 MB ​​for a price of 37.44 euros and 5,000 minutes of calls to landlines. It also includes another 50 minutes to call mobiles. In this case, do not include any kind of permanence.

Ono. The cheapest offer from the company of fiber is 20 MB speed, unlimited calls to landlines and 60 minutes of mobile calls. Its touted price is 35 euros (34.97 euros) for 12 months and then the price rises to 42.22 euros per month. This rate requires no term contract.


The fastest

Optical fiber is the best choice for performance of new generation. If speed is its thing, we offer the strongest rates of each operator.

Ono. We started this company that popularized the fiber in Spain. The maximum speed offered by this company is 100 MB download and 10 MB upload, touted for 51.9 euros in the first year price. After this period, the price rises to 60.37 euros per month. There is no kind of permanence associated with this offer, which also includes unlimited calls to landlines and 60 minutes of calls to mobile calls.

Movistar. The Spanish company offers fiber optic up to 100 MB download and 10 MB upload for pulled from 53.58 euros per month during the first year price. Then the price to continue to enjoy this service increases to 65.68 euros. At this rate also will enjoy free landline calls and 550 minutes of calls to mobiles. To enjoy it you have to hire a stay of 12 months.

Orange. The operator has a fiber supply 100 MB download and 10 MB upload with a price discount of 49.55 euros (if you were already Orange mobile customer, this price will be maintained forever). Out of the promotion ending at 12 months, the price amounts to 61.65 euros per month. This offer includes unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in 1000 minutes evening hours and weekends and holidays. To hire this offer, you must sign a 12-month stay.

Jazztel. In the case of this company, currently offers the best offer in the market with 200 MB symmetrical fiber. That means that we will have both downstream 200 MB and upload 200 MB of 54.38 euro per month. Also it includes unlimited calls to landlines and 120 minutes per month on mobile. The commitment to stay is 12 months.

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