The amplifiers of the wifi signal

It is not always easy to have a good signal of wifi in our spot, even when we have installed the router and, therefore, should be its biggest beneficiaries. And it is that the homogeneity of the signal within the home or office depends on many factors that we can not always control, like living or working in an area with high density of electromagnetic signals, or have the router in a very long house with walls and thick or with lots of metal objects. But yes there are certain steps we can take, such as studying the best place to place the router or use repeaters Internet outlets. Alternatively improving wifi signal is the use of amplifiers, such as those listed below.

Homes with large distances between a point and one or more offices huge area with phone jacks or fiber in the walls, many metal or issuers parts of electromagnetic deep or thick walls may be elements that prevent the signal from our wifi reaches so more or less evenly to all corners of the house or workplace. Which solutions can adopt?

Are there problems of wifi in the central parts of a large space?

Sometimes, as in the case of a dwelling of symmetrical distribution but with long corridors that separate two rooms, we must choose to get the router, by extension, to an intermediate zone. And sometimes, the best solution will be the PLC repeaters or plug.

Both ideas are suitable for domestic use, but fail in large open offices or homes where the signal may come with weakness to the center, it must cross the area of a kitchen island or some kind of metal panels. In these cases, unless it current pop shots from the floor, wifi repeaters by electric current we will not be very useful. Furthermore, it is likely to be aesthetically compromised. A smart solution may be to place the router, using extension cords power and access to the phone jack in the center of the place we want to cover the wifi signal.

Wifi signal boosters

However, if the space is large enough, we risk the very weak signal reaches to the ends of the house or office, where we may have room, office or bathroom. For such circumstances exist solutions such as wifi amplifiers, which should not be confused with repeaters. The latter move the signal from the router to their source through the electrical wiring of the house, office or store, and re-emit wireless signal with different code, the area that would otherwise just received the wifi.

The amplifiers are actually modified antennas to receive the signal from the router and send it with greater power and quality. Unlike these amplifiers antennas are modified or improved materials and technology for the weak signal from a distant point router uptake. Their advantage is that they allow receiving the signal in hard to reach places without intermediary devices.

Wifi signal amplifiers

The concept of ‘amplifier’ is broader and more commercial than strictly technical. Sometimes called so the thicker and long antennae that brings our router default-other-shaped panel, we connect our computer to signals to scan the area and capture. Sometimes, however, are devices that are connected to both the power outlet and the Ethernet port on the router and also have an antenna, can modify the original signal, to give it dual Frequencies of 2.5 to 5 gigahertz, so that the user can connect to the range of the electromagnetic signal that is less then collapsed.

Some interesting models wifi amplifiers

The omnidirectional antenna WiFiSKY concentrator is one of the most economical and effective products that can be found. This antenna scans the signal flow in all directions, so that wireless signals can grasp that there around our position and otherwise, because of its low intensity, may not capture.

The company also manufactures the Panel directional 20dBi that extends the collector area. Both improve the quality and signal strength getting scanned. The price is 30 euros panel. In addition, this company also sells several models of signal boosters that connect to the router and is claimed on their website; allow the signal to get to remote places.

The company TP-link, in turn, sells the WiFi signal extender TL-WA830RE that besides potential to extend wifi signal and a wireless router, it also allows you to convert another is not signal emitter. It is useful in hotels where the connection across an Ethernet jack you have and want to create a space large power wifi compatible with 802.11b/g/n wireless protocols. Recommended cost is around 27 euros on Amazon.

And for devotees of the company Apple, a good choice can be the solution to use AirPort Express, which has been renovated in its design and makes it possible to both provide a router without wifi of this signal, such as promoting a weak signal or in complex spaces..

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