Amazon wants to find a place with a different phone

Both the pitcher goes to the source, which eventually breaks. We stuck years listening and talking on a phone created by Amazon, a fact that became especially relevant when the first Kindle Fire tablets, from there everything seemed closer. Whether you are waiting for this June. This afternoon, Amazon will introduce us to the phone, a rather mysterious element by technologies that are new in it, and also the software that will be implemented to take advantage. About the OS itself, it seems clear that it is something specially designed by the company of Jeff Bezos, even if essentially Android inside.

The market is very saturated with Android phones in almost all ranges, and already we can see what it’s costing you to large manufacturers take a piece of the pie that Samsung has. If you want to highlight the new invention has to do with special weapons, powerful addition to pricing American company. We come back to wait with him another purchase towards the Amazon universe window, but before going to assess the business opportunity that is brought in hands, let’s learn a little of the story until you get here:

A little history

What we are going to have has come to light recently in the hands of Bloomberg Businessweek, and has actually been very little reliable information on the design and development of the telephone until the day before your presentation.

Brad Stone is the signer information, author of a biography on Bezos and Amazon, and therefore closes to the matter. We note that the phone has been created in laboratories “secrets” from Amazon, better known as Lab126 (there were gestated Kindle tablets).

It is known that the project began in 2009, inspired by the things I saw that could do with a device like Wii (gesture recognition). At baseline there were two phones – Tyto and Otus – developing, one with screen depicting 3D images without glasses. The other is with normal screen. The development of 3D technology seems to have been complicated, and the Bezos himself had to spend days in the summer of 2013 on Lab126 engaging and pushing the project, and to solve organizational problems. From there seems to beat booming work. As already mentioned several times, is working on a set of four cameras on the front recognizing user’s movement, and because of them, drawing on screen the content by creating a 3D feel.

amazon new phone1


Yes, we devote a section to something like an invitation; you send the media to the event. It arrived last week signed by Jeff Bezos, with a copy of “Mr. Pine’s Purple House”- Leonard Kessler – one of his favorite childhood books.

“The world is a better place when things are a little different”

The phrase that accompanies lets us see that a different device to what is in the market is necessary. If we care about the book, is a character that makes it possible for your home to look different in a whole neighborhood of identical houses, but others will copy the changes. He eventually decides to paint it purple, which no one had ever done, something that will also end copying the rest.

The phone

Amazon has released a video a few days ago in which users can see playing with the phone, but without seeing the device. They want to understand that is intuitive, and the elements move as we move us. I.e. the expected 3D interface with multiple cameras watching us looks like it will be a public reality in a few hours. Gesture recognition is expensive and the least we can expect. The idea would be similar in practice to what Nintendo showed us in the following demonstration:

On the hardware of the phone itself, it seems that not much changes with what we see in other alternatives. The data that are rumored for months: screen 4.7 inches – in order for something decent size – 720p resolution, 2GB of RAM, chipset signed by Qualcomm (Snapdragon 801). With a little luck they may have improved in this time.

Cameras. We could find ourselves with a typical configuration, i.e., 13 megapixel back sensor, 2 megapixel front. Additionally, four cameras with VGA quality, placed in the front, to capture 3D paraphernalia. Introduce interesting that in all this time has been trying to connect to Amazon with other companies to make the phone. Of which more has been said is HTC.

To 3D or not, what you have is to buy

No doubt that what you are most interested to Amazon is to propose a new showcase its extensive line of products: books, movies, television, magazines, window to products. Do not forget that the phone is the device you spent more hours, and compulsive shopping are closer to materialize.

What we would like to know is how to relate the alleged playback capabilities 3D content with Amazon stores. Well they might be preparing a flashy interface for the occasion, accompanied by Mayday attendance system, and possibly create a relationship with Amazon Dash.

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