Amazon offers an interesting proposal, although its screen stays a little behind compared to the S5 Galaxy

A few days ago, Amazon presented its first smartphone, a device that had been rumored for several months. The Amazon Fire Phone is official and comes with interesting systems as the interface with dynamic perspective, and others focused on the services of Amazon like button FireFly or option Mayday. The Fire Phone has a very interesting technical profile with pieces like the thirteen-megapixel camera with optical image stabilizer or Qualcomm processor of four cores. Let’s compare this team with a benchmark of the current mobile landscape, the Samsung Galaxy S5. Considered one of the most complete models segment Android, the flagship of Samsung offers a technical background to the latest and also carries special features as its fingerprint sensor fingerprint. We see the differences between these two major models below.

The screen is one of the areas where the Amazon Fire Phone lags a bit behind when compared with the size of the terminals S5 Galaxy. The handset features a 4.7-inch LCD panel with resolution HD, i.e., 1,280 x 720 pixels. Its concentration of pixels is 315 dots per inch, a good figure, but that is far from the 432 ppi offering the Galaxy S5. However, the Amazon Fire Phone can score a goal because its panel offers a brightness of 590 nits. The screen of the Galaxy S5 is a Super AMOLED of 5.1 inches diagonally with a resolution FullHD 1080p (1,920 x 1,080 pixels).

The design of The Amazon Fire Phone goes almost unnoticed compared to other existing proposals. The handset sports a plastic chassis in black, with a few details rubber to improve grip. Its thickness is 8.9 mm and weighs 160 grams, so not exactly out in this section. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is still committed to the design language to which we are accustomed in Samsung. Removable plastic shell, frame silver around the terminal, rounded shapes and in this case we find a texture of points on the back. Its thickness is 8.1 mm and weighs 145 grams. The novelty of this point brings its IP67 certified which ensures water resistance and input dust in their circuits.

The Amazon Fire Phone has a very complete camera photos that integrates advanced systems like optical stabilizer and lens with bright aperture f/2.0 and construction of five elements. The sensor has 13 megapixel resolution and features auto focus and flash LED. It also has other functions such as how smart HDR and course record videos in resolution FullHD 1080p. Its front camera has 2.1 megapixels resolution.


For its part, Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with a 16 megapixel sensor with technology ISOCELL a cell system designed to take pictures in low light and prevents the appearance of noise. It also has LED flash, ultra-fast autofocus, HDR mode, face detection and video stabilizer, but that is not optical. The biggest advantage of the Galaxy S5 against its opponent comes with video recording, performing at resolution 4K at 30 frames per second, but also allows video in slow motion if we lower the resolution. It also has a 2 megapixel front camera.

Both models provide a good profile media from the viewpoint of the formats supported. Both are based on the platform Android, so they are compatible with all popular file types. The Amazon Fire Phone has sound of Dolby Digital Plus and has about earbud headphones with hands-free option.

The power section is fairly even, with a slight advantage in favor of the S5 Galaxy. The Amazon Fire Phone has a processor Snapdragon 800 a quad core that runs at 2.2 GHz frequency and is supported by 2 GB of memory RAM. Meanwhile the Galaxy S5 has the Snapdragon 801, a model that has a slightly higher frequency (2.5 Ghz), a more powerful graphics chip and in this case also features 2 GB of RAM.

Each manufacturer offers two capacity options, 16-32 Gb for the Galaxy S5 and 32-64 Gb in the case of the Amazon Fire Phone. Amazon offers unlimited cloud storage for files downloaded from Amazon and photos taken with the device. Samsung can insert cards MicroSD of 128 Gb additional maximum, which is not bad.

Although the Amazon Fire Phone is based on Android, the interface that integrates Amazon obscures one iota Google mobile system, although it is compatible with their applications. The platform is Fire OS 3.5.0 and is fully focused on the services of Amazon, almost like having a business in our pocket, which might not appeal to all users. We can download movies, e-books, TV series and of course buy physical goods through its online store. The team integrates a button called Firefly online that will allow us to perform various actions, such as taking a picture with a phone number and add it to our agenda, recognizing movies, series or music like Shazam and of course redirects us to the shop if we want to buy the content you’re seeing.

The company also includes Mayday function for technical assistance via video call instantly. The most prominent feature is undoubtedly the dynamic interface, a system that allows us to change the perspective of the icons or any of the contents of the screen with just moving the phone. The system operates through four front sensors that record our position on the terminal. Amazon has opened the SDK so that developers can take advantage of this technology.


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