Amazon launches its first mobile: a ‘phablet’ that will allow buying with a click

“What was the most important thing Amazon has done in the last 20 years?”. The question resonates in a crowded auditorium in which a small group of media has been invited: “Gaining the trust of customers”. Jeff Bezos shows exultant and, of course, has good reason for it. The mobile telephony market seemed stuck in two camps: Android is grabbing the bulk of the market share, while Apple is conformed to the wealthiest niche and collected most of the benefits. Both ecosystems grew and drew an increasingly polarized view, while Microsoft was still trying to open a hole to hit book and user experience in Windows Phone premier.

Enough? It seems not at all. Apple had well tied to its jurisdiction enjoy the fatter market ecosystem, and what is more important, with the most money moved, so that developers feel a special attraction to the same and so the user gains to bid more wide. So, what contender could really upend the segment?

Google tries so hard with Android and integration of hardware and software, but the fragmentation of the ecosystem is ruining all attempts, at least for now. And missing the last to arrive: great, powerful, with a business model focused on selling services and keen to what we have mentioned in the first line, or what is the same, the customer.

A nod to the ‘phablets’ but more manageable

Yes, that beast was expecting Amazon and with open arms. The market assumed that Jeff Bezos giant would continue with its policy of demolishing offer first class product at a price of all demolition, as had happened in the first place with the Kindle and then a couple of tablets Fire.

But with the Albuquerque take things for granted does not seem a good deal, and so with the Fire HDX and some change is glimpsed in this trend: while the team was still very attractive in terms of price, this machine was already a very sophisticated product and hardware that could be clearly considered premium. So things sure heated and simmer for rumors that mobile homes submit immediately, it was assumed that the Amazon phone would be a low cost dress nicely.

And go, there have been surprises, and draught. Happy and resolute, the CEO of the largest store online showed the world tended Fire Phone, a smartphone with its 4.7 inch definitely strengthens the segment phablets, but with a clear nod to Apple: “It can be operated with a one hand, “we could read on screen, and alluding to the hitherto position of the block, to ridicule the great smartphones to require two hands to use.

Well, this newcomer joins the two worlds: big screen, but usability of a mobile standard. And the mention of Apple is not free: this month the seventh anniversary of the introduction of the original iPhone is met and Amazon has struck a good shake the market, attention, by the side of benefits, not the price.

Amazon first mobile1

See an ‘offline’ product and buy it with a button

The Fire is a breaker terminal and is a series of benefits that are out of the seen to date in the market, and some of them may be determinative. It would be easy to fall into the temptation to stop and analyze its superb 13 megapixel camera whose performance showed Bezos itself confronted the iPhone 5S and Galaxy S5, but where you really have to stop is Firefly, a service that can be a before and an after in the world of telephony.

The idea of this service is clear: shorten travel between the first glimpse of a product and purchase the most, i.e. the user goes with its Fire around the Mall and a product you are interested in, pointing with your mobile phone and press the Firefly system identifies the product within the catalog from Amazon and guess what? You can buy with one click. It is needless to remind that the same product may in the future receive at home by a drone and at a knockdown price.

Yes, this was the future and we Bezos just introduced. So, while Apple and Google try to squeeze the lemon apps, Amazon continues its war to increase the turnover of its inexhaustible dotcom. Such a masterful maneuver had been to leave the details of Firefly a click away using for this purpose a dedicated button.

The price, a weakness

Also disturbing is the “dynamic perspective” or a system with cameras and sensors that know at all times, day and night, the position of the user’s head and promises to at least rise an unsettling for future users. The Bezos itself forward to criticism smiling and saying “scary, huh?”. And yes, it’s scary, but not so much privacy issue or just ignores the potential of this new feature, but on the reach of Amazon’s Marketplace and disturbing “for it”.

The Fire Phone seems to have struck a good stab at Google, leaving Android as a platform hidden in the back door and giving all the attention to their own ecosystem and enticing them to programmers. We needed to know the price, and here there are surprises since the product has shown considerable weakness to hit the market by free $ 649, a ranking that places it in the scale of the premium, and no one disputes that do not is but breaks a trend of home offer low cost hardware. Perhaps the first sign of emancipation in this segment…


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