An amazing micro system Yamaha MCR-560 for you

Yamaha MCR-560 is a micro system with CD player and networking capacity and is finished in Piano Craft. In the right corner of the front it has a USB port that is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod. Also it used to play audio from an external hard drive or memory key. Supported audio formats include FLAC and WAV up to 192 kHz and 24 bits. Lets you enjoy Internet radio stations, but also tuned FM radio.

It incorporates an Ethernet port for communicating with a computer, the Internet or any device within the home network, as it can be a NAS. You can also play music from a smartphone or a tablet that are connected to the same wireless router. The Wi-Fi capability is optional. However, it includes Apple’s AirPlay wireless technology to play iTunes music from branded devices apple computers or from iTunes.

The design of this micro audio system is inspired by the musical instruments of the same brand. It consists of a main unit, two speakers of shelving and a remote control. The main unit is the CRX-N560 model and the couple is the reference speaker NS-BP182. The appearance of this micro is classic and elegant.

The front panel of the main unit is made of aluminum and the sides are finished in wood or lacquered piano-style, depending on model. The volume knob is also made of aluminum. The corners of the case are rounded. The center of the front panel is occupied by the small information screen, with the source selection wheel to the left and right volume. Below is the CD tray with the button to remove the disc and play. Next switch on the left corner is the headphone output. Finally, the USB port occupies the right corner.

The speakers have a nice thick and forms box. The corners faceted simulated diamonds. In the rear, have a bass port. The internal design of the enclosure is designed to control vibration. So are pieces strategically placed composite resin to isolate vibrations. The box rests on three feet, are vibration absorption.

The speakers have a configuration with two-way bass port. The woofers have cones with a diameter of 12 centimeters and the tweeter is 3 inches. The cones contain a diaphragm woofers with mica injected polymers and are characterized by their white color. They are the same as the manufacturer used Soavo family. The user should note that the speakers are not magnetically shielded when placing them near TVs or monitors. The frequency response of the speakers will be from 60 to 40.00 hertz with the court located at 5 KHz.

Yamaha MCR-560

The Micro digital amplifier Yamaha MCR-560 is high performance in construction have been used high quality components. For example, the power amplifier uses high capacity capacitors and output filters are a high performance. Yamaha’s engineers have opted for a design of two separate circuits: one for CD and one for audio networking, in order to minimize interference. The digital audio source is connected directly to the amplifier without any DA converter. The equalizer lets you adjust the treble, middle and bass to suit the listener.

The main unit incorporates a tuner Radio FM (frequency modulation), capable of storing thirty presets. Also you can access Internet radio stations, and is compatible with vTuner. On the other hand, the reader CD can work with commercial or CDs with CD-R and CD-RW. These recordable or rewritable CDs can hold compressed music in MP3 and WMA.

It has a system to better the quality of compressed music, trying to recover lost during the compression process frequencies. When it comes to playing music, either from USB or from the network, the team can work with audio files in MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC and WAV. Incidentally, FLAC and WAV files can be of high quality (192 kHz and 24 bits), but only two channels.

To play audio from a computer PC, it must have installed Windows Media Player 11 or 12. As for network storage systems or NAS, must be compatible with DLNA version 1.5. Storage devices and USB (external hard drives or memory sticks) must be formatted in FAT 16 or FAT 32 file.

The system Yamaha MCR-560 has a port USB on the front. It allows you to play audio from a memory key or external hard drive. It is also compatible with the iPod Touch (from the first to the fifth generation), with the iPod Nano (from the second to the seventh generation), with the iPad, the iPad 2, the iPad mini and models iPad and third fourth generations.

This system Yamaha is also equipped with two digital audio inputs, one optical and one coaxial. They can be used to connect a Blu-ray player or TV, for example, to enjoy movies or sports events in the living room. It also supports other audio sources, and is having an auxiliary audio input minijack stereo connector (3.5mm), valid for a portable MP3 player, and stereo audio input.

Then there are outlets for speakers, the subwoofer output and headphone minijack stereo connector. It also includes a port Ethernet, and you can add Wi-Fi, installing an adapter Yamaha YWA-10, which costs 100 euros. Instead it has wireless technology AirPlay to wirelessly stream all your iTunes music from an iPad, an iPod, an iPhone or a Mac or PC computer with software installed iTunes.

You can also add Bluetooth, via the optional adapter Yamaha YBA-11. The adapters are pricked in the special accessory connector located on the rear panel to the right of the radio antenna input.

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