The amazing evolution of Sony Xperia E to Sony Xperia E1

Few days ago Sony unveiled new smartphones and one of these was the Sony Xperia E1, a device’s range of input with very interesting multimedia capabilities. This model comes as a successor to the Sony Xperia E; another terminal segment configures the most basic manufacturer’s catalog and already has more than a year old.

The Sony Xperia E has 3.5-inch display, 3 megapixel camera and processor rather modest. The new model improves some of these paragraphs and adds some more current functions. Users of the Sony Xperia E will want to know what improvements has the new model, but may also be of interest to users who are thinking about getting a simple smartphone. We see how much it has improved Sony its series Xperia E in the following comparison.

The new Sony Xperia E1 continues to maintain a manageable size, but the panel grows to 4 inches and so does its resolution, which is now WVGA (480 x 800 pixels). This configuration offers a wide enough area to see more content clarity, plus it sharpens considerably at 233 ppi. The Sony Xperia E has a panel of 3.5 inches and the resolution is 320 x 480 pixels, so the density is at 162 ppi.

The design has also changed and the Sony Xperia E1 has a look inspired by the latest high-end. The terminal has a casing with rounded edges with small dark panels on their faces side-something like what we see in models such as the Sony Xperia Z or Z1. Assembly is bigger and a little thicker, but nevertheless only weighs 5 grams more than the first model. The range of colors available is white, black and purple. Meanwhile the Sony Xperia E boasts of Arc design that Sony previously used and characterized by the curve of its profile. In this case the design is more sophisticated and a little more ornate. The Sony Xperia E is for sale in white, black and pink.

Both the Sony Xperia E1 and Sony Xperia E have a very simple rear camera, however the new model offers a host of extra features. It started with the oldest, the Sony Xperia E, which has a sensor of 3.2 megapixels with auto focus, digital zoom increases four timer, geo-tagging and VGA video recording (640 x 480 pixels). Meanwhile the Camera Sony Xperia E1 has 3 megapixels and in addition to these functions, giving users the effect other features like HDR, stabilizer image, red eye reduction, face detection, scene recognition and HD720p video recording.


In the media profile are fairly even in certain respects, such as support for various formats, tuner FM radio, sound enhancement xLOUD, musical Detector TrackID and implementation Sony WALKMAN. However the Sony Xperia E1 will offer a series of features focused on music playback, the system as Clear Audio +, which is responsible to avoid sound distortion. But above all stands in powerful speaker which has been in the back and can reach a level of 100 decibels.

Power is one of the points in the improved Sony Xperia E1, which advocates a processor dual-core 1.2 gigahertz frequency. The Sony Xperia E, however, has a very modest chip with one core that runs at 1 gigahertz. Where do agree is in memory RAM of 512 Mb in both cases, and in the internal memory, 4 GB more the option to expand to 32 GB additional cards MicroSD.

Again the Sony Xperia E1 Lead with the operating system as it comes standard with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. Meanwhile the Sony Xperia E left the factory with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and has not received any updates. In addition to the improvements in the current version, the good thing is that Sony Xperia E1 is more likely to receive new versions, while the old model has been officially unsupported. However both come with standard applications such as Gmail to check email, Google Chrome to surf the internet, the suite of navigation Google Maps, YouTube videos to see the store and of course Google Play to download more apps.

The Sony Xperia E1 has a battery of 1,750 milliamps and official data indicate that it will last for nine hours in use and up to 551 hours standby. Mode also has STAMINA that extends the length by adjusting certain parameters. The Sony Xperia E has a slightly lower battery (1500 milliamps), and its duration in use down to about 6 hours, although rest is pretty close to 530 hours in total.

Sony has done a good job improving the Sony Xperia E, which has been quite dated compared to the new model. The Sony Xperia E1 has a wide and clear display, certainly its strong point, but also boasts a processor more powerful and musical profile more complete. There are many differences in the connections, autonomy or the camera, but there are details like the photo features or STAMINA mode to keep adding points for the Sony Xperia E1. The Sony Xperia E costs 130 euros will have to wait to know the Xperia E1 price to see if it is as well balanced as its technical profile.


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