The most affordable iPhone or mobile for the blind

We all know that the iPhone is a great phone, but do we know all their names? Today we’ll talk about a feature on the iPhone usually stand out above others, the function Accessibility, especially in this accessibility blind.

We are so made to have all our senses that we do not get into the skin of someone who for example, has hearing problems or issues more or less accentuated view, even to total blindness. Met using the accessibility feature in the EBE 2012 thanks to a blind friend and showed me how I can handle an iPhone without the sense of sight. He is totally blind and manages his iPhone faster than you and me.

To place a humbling and see what your phone is capable of doing for people with this kind of “problems”, the first thing is to go to the app SETTINGS, hence paragraph GENERAL and within this in ACCESS.

There are plenty of options that we have not ever stopped to think why not use them. For me to make you this demonstration I went for the last option, that of QUICK FUNCTION and selected VoiceOver. From here and will not become a mess, go to the main menu and now triple-click on the HOME button. Do not be alarmed because the phone will talk us up a bit and change their behavior. Your first sentence will be “activated VocieOver”.

From here we see every tap on the screen is accompanied by a narrative of what is selected, i.e., the name of an app or the name of a folder that then tell us the number of apps containing and instruction to open. To switch between desktops, change the way we do, because we now have to swipe three fingers across the screen in the direction you want to go. With a touch obtain information about the selected item and that item will open two clicks.

This is where the blind may find the biggest problem in the apps, just because some developers do not adapt their applications to this segment, which I know for a friend hand developers can earn enough money. We are so used to having all our available senses that we do not put in the shoes of others who do not.

mobile for blind

As a developer I have to say that with the tools that Apple provides for the creation of apps is very easy to adapt our creations to the blind, to continue talking about them in this article.

Applications such as what many consider the best client of Twitter for iPhone, it is not 100% adapted for accessibility. This app is able to read each tweet, but what happens when you have a link? Or a photo? For we hear that there’s a picture or a link but no description of what it is. That is why blind people use other apps.

Another is a control of the series we see. I e.g. use iShows. Well if you are using accessibility testing this, as a blind person see this app could not use because the screen does not give us useful information. Really, when you have friends who are visually impaired, this reaches you bother.

Did you know that the iPhone you can read an ebook? Try for example to take one of your books that you have in the iBooks app, put on the first line you want to read and click on it. As you read these lines, but if after you slide two fingers across the screen from top to bottom, your phone will begin to read your book without stopping. One of the things that we can be weird robotic voice is talking to our phone. This can be improved somewhat since the options.

From the window of accessibility where we program the triple-click option, see how VoiceOver, we have the first choice if we entered we see that we have different parameters that you can configure. Among them is the speed of speech for this fusion of reading books, we can come in handy. Another option is VOX COMPACT TUMBLE voice that will make a little less robotic.

I had the opportunity to have a blind person as a beta tester of one of my apps and I only say words of thanks and you feel great when you see that your application can be used by people who are like you and me, but simply have limited the view in this case.

One option that people know more about ACCESSIBILITY is the ASSISTIVE TOUCH. I say this because our phone is used when suffering from a malfunctioning Home button. We activated within the menu and see ACCESSIBILITY we automatically get a button on our screen. If you click on it, as is configured source, we see that gives us four options use.

• Favorites, where we can keep our custom gestures to perform other functions
• Siri, assistant to activate your phone

• Device, which shows more options such as rising and lowering the volume without using the physical buttons, lock the screen, mute the phone and several more options.

• Home, this is the touch button that will replace our physical HOME button will return to the main screen.

This option costs us much less adapt as the phone does not change its operation to switch from desktops or select apps.

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