5 Reasons Your Blog Needs an App

In the recent years, mobile apps have gained an upper hand over web browsers both in terms of screen time and revenue. Mobile apps are changing the way we shop, share, search and read. More and more readers are switching to apps for quenching their reading pangs. Building a native app for your blog adds a whole new dimension to your readership. Here are 5 reasons every blogger needs to go the app way.

1. Upload Posts On-the-Go:
Whether you blog professionally or just out of passion, you are always short of time. But uploading new posts on the website blog is always a time-consuming affair. In stark contrast, uploading a blog is just a matter of few clicks on an app. Better yet, you can customise everything to fit the unique style and tonality of your brand. You can make it more beautiful by adding audio files and high quality images.

2. Stay Closer to Your Readers:
Just uploaded a new post on your blog? But you can’t really expect your users to stumble upon your new blog by themselves. Can you? Having a native app for your blog enables you to send a personalised push notification every time you update your blog. Done right, push is the most cost-effective marketing tool, catching your readers when and where it matters!

3. Monetise Your App:
Once your app is up and running, there are a multitude of ways for you to earn from it. If your app has a decent readership, there will always be reputable brands out there, willing to put their ads on your app. So, as you can see, you don’t always have to sell something to make money on your app. Running third party ads is all you need to monetise your app.

4. Expand Readership:
When it comes to accessing the internet, mobile devices have overtaken PCs over the last few years. The reason is quite obvious. The user gets instant access to your content at a single tap on-the-go. And this comes really handy for today’s readers who consume content while commuting to their offices, standing in the bill payment queues, or just having a quick brunch. With a robust mobile presence, you can ensure, those readers are tapping their way to your blog.

5. Rank High on Google:
With Google app indexing, apps are going to gain more prominence than ever before. Provided your app is embedded with deep links and has the most relevant content for a specific search query, you might turn up on the top of search results. Need we say more?

May be, you already know all of this but considering the cost, time and expertise involved in custom app development, you would rather settle with a website blog. Let us tell you, with the advent of online iOS and Android app maker, getting your own native app is easier than ever. Such zero coding platforms are loaded with pre-designed templates, enabling those who don’t speak tech, to go the app way faster and easier. Be proactive – Choose a cloud based mobile app builder and get your own app built before your competing bloggers do!

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