The 5 major differences between WhatsApp and Telegram

Gradually users begin to learn about the virtues and disadvantages of the main applications moment messenger. And so, after strong early Telegram begins to understand the importance of privacy and security when communicating, but also the need to have someone on the other side to exchange messages. And that is the struggle between Telegram and WhatsApp is not absolute or simple to summarize and generalize. So here we bring you five great keys that differentiate these two messaging services.

1. Price

Definitely price is the decisive note between these two applications. And it is that WhatsApp has been harshly criticized for requiring a euro a year to use their service. A ridiculous price but entails the processing of credit card payments and the anguish of knowing that has an expiration date. All this added to the rivalry among some users for a long time and chance causes have managed to use the service for free or have a free account for life, while others must pay religiously every twelve months. Something so users need not worry Telegram at any time, knowing that this service is completely free from the moment in downloading the application. One point that has caught the attention of many users who are willing to confront the hegemonic WhatsApp order not disburses 89 cents per year.

2. Privacy

Despite recent attempts to WhatsApp to improve privacy in their service, clearly Telegram has come stomping in this regard. Thus WhatsApp users can now limit who sees your profile picture, your status sentence and even the time at which they last connected. This will continue to be active in applying the label under your name appears on line. Meanwhile, users have a curious Telegram function called Chats Secrets. With it you can exchange messages that leave no trace of their passage through the servers, which provides additional protection with a password from user to user and, most importantly, the ability to select a time after which messages and shared photographs conversation through said self-destruct. Issues generally protect user privacy beyond what has gotten WhatsApp yet.

3. Security

No doubt this is another of the points in this matchup. While every so often arise new news about failures and violations of WhatsApp, Telegram is still claiming that it is the safest communication tool. To support this service available in decentralized servers that keeps all information passing through the same point. Also it is an application built from the ground thinking about the overall security of the information transmitted. So much so that its leaders are willing to pay up to $ 200,000 to anyone who discovers vulnerability.

However, the issue of security is difficult to say with firmness that never happens something serious. And it is that all the tools are safe until proven otherwise. In this case can even lead Telegram head high.

WhatsApp and Telegram       2

4. Power

This is a more subtle look but that users of smartphones more advanced appreciate. And, focusing on the aspect of sharing files besides messages, WhatsApp commitment to simplicity and Telegram seeks to satisfy other needs. This allows the first sending photos, videos, audios and locations (besides cards). Issues are compressed and lose quality in order to be sent quickly and effectively without exhausting Internet data memory or saturate the receiver terminal. However Telegram gives a twist to this concept and offers the ability to share almost any kind of file (including applications) and a ceiling that reaches the GB capacity. This involves the ability to send any document or content without losing quality, but considering that can ruin both the memory and the data rate of the interlocutor.

5. Users

But if there is a key point in this matchup sets both tools is the user. More specifically, the number of these. So WhatsApp remains hegemonic tool, the more people are registered and used on a daily basis. Thus their amounts exceed the 460 million users. This means is certain to find family, friends and other contacts throughout the application. Something we can not say Telegram, which is still in a phase of early adoption. Despite all the differences and the salient features of this new messaging application, are of little use if there is a single person you make conversation.

Therefore, one can say that Telegram is making his first steps to becoming a worthy candidate to fight WhatsApp. And its power and features of privacy and security have come at the right time to achieve the attention of everyone. But early adopters who have adopted found a nearly deserted service, in which only a third of his contact is present. Something that does not happen in WhatsApp, where despite feeling vulnerable or share photos and videos lose quality, it is possible to contact all those important people. And that being the first or easiest achieved a throne that seems not easily abandon.

There are other important and interesting points that have been omitted. One is that a service Telegram is open source, which means that any developer can improve it or adapt it to create your own application in any of the current platforms, including tablets. Or the recent support received from WhatsApp after its purchase by Facebook, which has managed to relaunch in the United States despite terrorizing the users jealous of their privacy.

And you, have you stopped using WhatsApp by Telegram? Would you be able to change in order not to pay WhatsApp?

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