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Top 5 Software for converting HTML to PDF

HTML file format is difficult to share over different web browsers and hence you require changing your web files into PDF format so that you are able to make full use of your documents. PDF file format is legally approved as it leaves an electronic signature every time a change is made ...Read More

A checklist for selecting a web host company

Web hosting is an inevitable requirement of every website and determines the experience customers have on your website. It is important that you have proper understanding of your website requirement in order to choose the right web hosting for your website. Web hosting service provides offer a number of hosting options to ...Read More

Top 3 Web Design Tips That May Help You Create an Appealing Online Presence

When the internet emerged around 25 years ago, the first website designed was no less than a set of a Star Wars movie. It was innovative, complicated and bright. After 25 years, the web design industry has completely changed. Today, we have a large variety of websites and almost each one looks ...Read More

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Vs Note 3: A Faceoff!

The announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has generated a lot of buzz, which to an extent, has overshadowed the release of the phone’s prime rival – the iPhone 6 Plus. The specs of the Note 4 have had people salivating more than they did for models such as the Samsung ...Read More