Monthly Archive:: July 2014

Tips for choosing artificial grass for gardens and terraces

Artificial turf has improved its appearance and reduced prices in recent times. Therefore, it is increasingly considered an alternative to natural grass prairie, both aesthetically and environmentally. And you do not have a garden to enjoy it, as it can also be installed on patios, terraces and penthouses… We help you to ...Read More

Effective tips to save money on technology

A Christmas excesses they happen and the slope of January and austerity that entails having spent too much during the holiday period. If it joins the crisis as a result, many families will be forced to forego many amenities both practical and leisure. In the field of technology, this means that connection ...Read More

Tips to improve your relationship with technology in just five minutes

We live between the gadgets that make our lives easier, but only sometimes… Often we do not know the ins and outs of the devices and programs you use and that makes us lose valuable when performing tasks that are simply a priori time. For these cases, we often dip into the ...Read More

A multimedia tablet with advanced capabilities for movies and games

The Woxter Nimbus 98 Q is a tablet of the Spanish company designed for users who want a first-rate multimedia tablet. This team has a strong screen 9.7 inches and resolution of 2,048 x 1,536 pixels, that has nothing to envy the large market launches. In addition a quad-core processor and a ...Read More

Fire Phone, the extraordinary smartphone of Amazon

Fire Phone is the name, of course, that Amazon has put its first smartphone. Finally, rumors many months – years – have materialized in a smartphone whose value is to be found, as in the case of Kindle Fire tablets in a well thought out if you are within the Amazon ecosystem ...Read More

The camera Axis M1144-L is a very motivating choice for businesses, hotels or offices

Today, having a good system of surveillance is vital both in business and in companies. The fixed surveillance camera Axis M1144-L is a very interesting option to obtain an image of HD quality. With a simple mounting kit, this camera is installed in a few minutes in any office and can be ...Read More

Using the tablet as camera is not such a ridiculous idea as it seems

We often see smirks when someone takes his tablet in public to take a picture or record a video. There is even a rather malicious blog on the subject whose name says it all: Look stupid taking Photos with an iPad. But make pictures with a tablet is not always a bad ...Read More

How to download music legally

If you are a music fan, you will know that insurance is a legal and ethical battle for years, which is called piracy and downloading copyrighted music. If you want your conscience and download music completely legal, you should know that there are many alternatives. Downloading music legally is a very noble ...Read More

Most constructive Google tricks that will make your life easier

The internet is huge and the things you can do with it are endless. It is even difficult to know what to do with a browser. Google is a great help when looking for any information on the web. However, many people consider the most efficient tool as part of life. Most ...Read More

The most basic computer security tips

Here are some basic tips on computer security for your system, your sensitive information and your data remains free of infection. From the obvious, to the most complex, recommendations on how to protect ourselves, more as bellicose as the internet are very useful. If you practice, the chances of infection will drop ...Read More