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How to take care of your personal digital camera

Digital cameras are not exactly cheap accessories. Some, like the SLR, can cost many times more than their film counterparts a decade. This is why insurance on your digital camera would be the best money spent on your computer, especially if it includes an expensive SLR with lenses and accessories. An insurance ...Read More

HTC One acquires improvements in HTC One M8

The HTC One was one of the most complete Android smartphones of the last year and few days ago the company launched what will be its successor, the HTC One M8. The new model has followed a line similar to the previous model, but improving points as the screen, the power, the ...Read More

Mediacom PhonePad Duo X500U is pretty designed sleek and slim equipment invites you to use it

The Mediacom PhonePad Duo X500U is one of the terminals with which the Italian company. It is a terminal of five inches with a set of interesting specifications that place between mid-range handsets. Among them, we would like to highlight the good rear camera with a resolution of 13 megapixels, a quad ...Read More

TV Buying Guide: What’s the Smart TV and what can I do with it?

What are the Smart TVs like? What do they do exactly? Today we resolve any doubts that you may understand perfectly all its virtues, which are many. We are talking about the systems of Smart TV. One of the most interesting technologies in recent years and is already changing the way we ...Read More

Panasonic Viera TX-65AX800E, an interesting bet with 4K technology

Without a doubt, one of the major players in Panasonic for 2014 will be its new range of smart TVs with 4K resolution. The models of Panasonic AX800 will be available in sizes 50, 58 and 65 inches and enjoying a resolution with a level of detail four times larger than the ...Read More

The drivers of the future can change songs with a nod or a gesture

The gestures with the hands of drivers are something akin to sentences that are released in the amateur basketball games: provocative distractions of an activity that requires concentration. But the gestures may someday have a responsibility higher, making safer and pleasant handling, judging by the amount of work that is being done ...Read More

The executives of Silicon Valley put approach in the operations of Tech Neck

New technologies have changed our life and how we relate. Everything changed with the advent of mobile phones and the sudden permanent connection, being always reachable at any time and at any time. The mobile phone was already rooted in our society as a basic need, like Internet, but until recently was ...Read More

How can we choose the proper Tablet while buying?

Since the launch of the iPad, tablets have become a very popular gadget. It is a device halfway between smartphones and laptops. In principle they were conceived to consume content, but over time they have proved to be very useful tools for work, beyond surfing the Internet and watching movies. Today there ...Read More

Instructions to buy Software correctly

When we buy a computer, as well as use to surf the Internet, we also like to be able to enjoy all our multimedia content, be connected with our family and friends, write texts, make tables, prepare a nice presentation with the photos from our last trip, accounting for the home, and ...Read More

Hewlett-Packard sees the fruits of change

When he joined Hewlett-Packard Co. in 2011, says John Hinshaw found a lumbering giant that used inadequate technology and undermining its competitiveness. The sales team was fed up HP Software Oracle Corp. who used to manage leads. Consumers could not find printers and personal computers who wanted to buy in their outdated ...Read More