Monthly Archive:: December 2013

The New Year’s coming to Google Play

With the New Year about to begin is impossible not to take stock of the last twelve months and try to improve on that to come. Hence the emerging New Year’s resolutions, but also motivating weighs on the conscience of each. Something that applications try to provide tools to support those who ...Read More

HP in 2013, the return to normal

HP went through a couple of years ago a rather turbulent period, which reached its peak with the announcement of its previous CEO Léo Apotheker that he was considering selling the PC segment of the company. The news caused quite a stir and aroused serious doubts about the future of the company, ...Read More

The wonders of the smartphone Wiko Darkmoon

Wiko continues to expand its portfolio of smartphones and does so with a new model belonging to the Dark series, which corresponds to its advanced range. The new model is called Wiko Darkmoon and continuing the wake of other products that we know to offer one very complete technical profile at an ...Read More

New variations in the Microsoft Surface 2

Microsoft Surface 2 is the new tablet from the U.S. Company with the Windows operating system RT, can make a bet that the sinking or taking off this reduced version of Windows 8, which so far has just won the support of the public and manufacturers. Surface 2 enhances many of the ...Read More

A new smartphone with more advantages

Samsung re-introduce an improved one of the smartphones of their catalog and this time it’s the turn to edit Samsung Galaxy Core, which now comes as Samsung Galaxy Core Advance. The company has renovated this mid-range by relying mainly on a screen more large, while still maintaining a rather discreet technical profile. ...Read More

Nokia Lumia 625 with affordable big screen

Nokia has always strived to offer interesting options for users looking for a more complete set phone prices and range Lumia not going to be less. The Finnish smartphones ranging from the most basic to more advanced, but they manage very well to the economic benefits are very striking. If we go ...Read More

Most searching trends in Bangladesh

Google Trends provides a fantastic facility. It is a publicly open web facility. Here people can see what people mostly search in web. You can filter the trends country wise. You can also embed the Trends in your any site. So that it will show the updated trends automatically in your site. ...Read More

It has been 2013, according to Twitter

The limitation of 140 characters in Twitter has never been a problem when you have been saying what to say. The 500 million daily tweets of the 230 million users of the social network is not a social network, prove it. There is more to have a look at international and national ...Read More

Philips Series 6008 brought latest TV models

The Philips Series 6008 superfine consists diagonal large televisions, ranging from 42 to 60 inches. All have backlit LCD screens by LED that provide a resolution of 1080p (Full HD). One of the hallmarks is the Ambilight XL on two sides, a soft light source that enhances the viewer immersion. The colors ...Read More

Using unique applications for your Nokia Lumia camera

Nokia has a package of applications exclusive for Lumia range very comprehensive and interesting, they are also free. Among the entire package of services there are many titles Photographic theme called “lenses” that are directly integrated into the native camera photos of the smartphone. The idea is to combine several functions that ...Read More