It has been 2013, according to Twitter

The limitation of 140 characters in Twitter has never been a problem when you have been saying what to say. The 500 million daily tweets of the 230 million users of the social network is not a social network, prove it. There is more to have a look at international and national trending topics to gauge the world in near real time. So, coming to this time, you just have 19 days to the end of the year, the company has developed a kind of digital yearbook where you can see, month by month, what has been in the spotlight people. The application is available in several languages, including Spanish.

For example, in January TT was the crash of a helicopter in London to hit a building in the city. Also the Australia Open, the second inauguration of Barack Obama as president of the U.S. and a controversial debate about sexism in Germany following statements by a journalist, with the hashtag # Aufschrei.

February began with the 47th edition of the Super Bowl American, with 24.1 million tweets related to the event. With just over 8.9 million tweets on the night of the Oscar also occupied much of the interest of the world during the last month of winter. Journalist Dawn Siff ran as candidate for a job at The New York Times with a video of 6 seconds Vine… and he did, besides giving a boost to the application developed by microvideo own Twitter. A sport was another controversial moment TT February when Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks said the Lakers should get Kobe Bryant’s team. The thing is bundled so that, in addition to end up in court, Bryant Cuban and a few things were said on Twitter. Finally, among the highlights of the month trends Twitter are elections in Italy.

March, of course, was centered elect a new pontiff, with more than 130,000 tweets per minute. More than a million tweets moved commenting and sharing opinions between citizens and Senator U.S. Rand Paul. Also related to the U.S. Senate, this time for matters of the heart, a story point topped the attention of tweeters when a boy asked his boss to surprise his girlfriend with a proposal requested. The thing would not have come to much if not for the young chief was Senator Mark Warner. March Madness is the sports madness in America, and that also was apparent in the social network. Finally, the curious Japanese movement Makankosappo, where they take and share snapshots that seem to possess the power of “living wave” swept half the world.

In April the TT were bombing in Marathon Boston, the death of Margaret Thatcher, also the abdication of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands in his son Willem-Alexander, with more than a million tweets worldwide. In our country, this news caught fire for a time the network asking that if no republic, at least follow the example and the king ceded the crown to see if things improved. Another fire in sports came when the player NBA Jason Collins said clearly that he was gay and the world did not end. And in line with the above, France was among the TT when it passed the Marriage for all after months of debate.

May wine with sport, this time with the final of the Champions League, Championship cricket India and the retirement of Alex Ferguson as manager of Manchester United. In Europe, Eurovision met not only the most curious of the music but also live reviews and comments from viewers. Finally, another example of how useful Vine (remember that was developed by Twitter) to count things. In this case the point of view of a surgeon to implant a brain pacemaker.


In early summer, in June, the end of the NBA, the debates on gay marriage in the U.S., the participation of citizens with their views on the intervention of the Texas Senator Wendy Davis, a red panda lost and found, floods in northern India, protests in Brazil, storms in Germany and ice hockey were the hot topics that caught the attention of the tweeters.

July. Bound missiles North Korea are discovered through the Panama Canal with an excellent argument for a possible intervention. And more sports. Wimbledon and the Tour de France highlight this month. So did the birth of the first child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, a tornado shark SyFy, the dismissal of a French minister for Twitter, the Flight 214 disaster Asiana and intervention Malala, now aged 16, to the General Assembly of the United Nations.

August is a month usually dry in news, not leave Twitter on barren, especially in the field of cinema. The 50th anniversary of the March on Washington along with the speech Luther King, TV broadcast of the Japanese animated film “Castle in the Sky”, the premiere of the film One Direction, the end of the series “Pretty Little Liars” and the MTV VMAs filled timeline of Twitter users.

September we took a good walk through different types of polls. Elections in Australia, those of Germany and the choice of Tokyo to host the 2020 Olympics are a sign of interest in the world. 7 days RockinRio, awards Emmy, the return of Dilma Rousseff to Twitter from the official account and the hits and the mid-month, the rescue ship Costa Concordia.

In October things did not change much from previous months. The 16 days that remained closed government of the U.S. and its impact on the country was followed by half the world. And more sport with World Series Baseball. It is a curiosity about this month that also feeds the popularity of Twitter from their own Twitter. And that is when the awards committee Nobel decided to award the Nobel Peace Prize to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons could not locate them, so I decided to contact them via Twitter.

We are nearing the end. November opened with the typhoon that hit the Philippines and with the complicity of the city of San Francisco to become the one day in Gotham to grant the wish of a 5 year old child suffering from leukemia. In November cricketer also dismissed Sachin, diplomatic talks on nuclear weapons in Iran, the access of France to the 2014 World Cup, the casual finding in a taxi mobile Courtney Love by the writer of New York Times Frank Bruni, the 50th anniversary of Dr. Who and error in voting for the U.S. Attorney General commented via Twitter by a gentleman of Virginia.

Although the year is not over yet, December and things to remember, as the controversial draw for the World Cup, the Winter Olympics in Sochi, again the cricket and, of course, the most recent event and global impact We have been lived: the death of Nelson Mandela. These are not the only TT. Television, news, music, cinema… have their own sections in when trend in Twitter.

The funny thing is no less than a year when the much talked crisis is plunging into poverty thousands of families around the world where MSF had to close its medical programs in Somalia because of attacks that were subjected by various armed groups. A year in the death of civilians in Syria and Pakistan has been a constant. Only in Syria in July of this year they had recorded more than 100,000 deaths in the civil war sufferers, most of them civilians, many of them children, chemical weapons were used and massacres expressly Syrian citizens were committed.

U.S. has used drones in Syria to monitor and murder, in addition to starring scandals by Snowden case and stealing private information from citizens around the world by the NSA. A year in which North Korea declared total war on South Korea, India began to rise against violators of girls and women, UNICEF managed to release 41 child soldiers in the Central African Republic. A year of political corruption scandals have jumped like popcorn in a pot uncovered.

There are many things that happen in a year worldwide. Good things and bad things regular. However, the pulse of the planet is taken into Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. And the pulse of the planet that Twitter displays, along with a subtle dose of self-promotion, talks about what the world is interested mainly sports, gossip about the stars and political issues. It should now be aware of the study by Professor Daniel Gayo University of Oviedo, on the predictive power of Twitter when reminded that not everyone is on Twitter, and those are an unrepresentative sample of the world population.

Maybe that’s why Syria has not appeared much in the timeline of the year, with 100,000 citizens because less this year (and counting) that could have tweeted about the situation, it is difficult to position the local interest among global interests. Finally, this has been the year according to Twitter. Let no one be confused with what really matters all that has happened.


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