10 SEO best practices website owner should know

Search engine optimization (SEO) can easily create difference between a website that has no visitors and a website with full of visitors. Boost your website by following these 10 SEO best practices.

1. Do your research for the best keywords for your niche:

Prepare a list of targeted keyword for each of your page of your website. Apply the all keywords 4/5 times in each page, meta tags, file names, as well as headlines, captions and the first few lines of text blocks.

2. Proper Title tags matter! :

Create unique title tags for each of your pages is really most important SEO best practices. Also put the most important keywords at the beginning of the every title tags.

3. Always use alt text in your image: 

Always add descriptive alt text in to your each image to help search engines categorize it. It will ensure search engine spiders know what your images are about because search engine spiders can’t see image like us. Also never write any keyword into the image because search engine spiders also can’t read it from the image.

4. Focus on high-value areas of your site first: 

Always see at your Google Analytics to find out which pages are getting the most visitors, generate the most leads or result in the most sales. Increase the SEO quality for those pages first.

5. Content matters and counts:

Never think SEO best practices are all about keywords and tags although those are definitely part of it. All search engines always looking for unique and fresh high quality contents and it must be written by human. So creating good content is a win-win proposition. Spend the time, energy and money to create content that will make your website unique all over the internet world. Base it around keywords to help your SEO.

6. Always use responsive template: 

Responsive design website always fit in any mobile set. Always makes your website responsive otherwise old-fashioned website can produce unwanted duplication of website content in the search engines’ eyes, which will penalize your websites and hurt your SEO efforts. Responsive design eliminates this risk.

7. Work on link building:

Always try to create link to as many as trustworthy websites. Because the more trustworthy website links your site the more authority will builds and more authority helps to rise in search engine rankings. Google ranks a website from 1 to 10 scale and the more ranks and Google marks the site more authorize. Authorize site automatically get lots of visitor.

Best-SEO-Practices8. Increase social media attachment: 

Nowadays Social media matters in search engines search result. Because site popular in social media means as a sign of a site’s popularity and trustworthiness. Facebook, GooglePlus etc. social media site will helps your contents to amplify and get more visitors to your website. Keywords also keep impact in social media too.

9. Keep your site up to date and current: 
Always keep up to date your site by publishing new and fresh contents. A unique content always attracts search engine spiders back to your site.

10. Be patient:
SEO is not an overnight journey. SEO is a continue process. If you properly done SEO works it will start to give you result after few months. Be patient and keep faith on your works. Keep publishing new, unique and fresh content to see the result.


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