10 outstanding tips developed by professional photographers

Photography is one of the most widespread hobbies among people of all ages. However, getting nice photos depends not only buying a professional team nor is it a matter of intuition. Here we offer 10 tips developed by professional photographers to help us learn to combine all the qualities needed to be a good photographer. These tips are offered Ziv Koren, Joel Santos, David Noton, Ilvy Njiokiktjien and Pascal Maitre, all accustomed to working with computers commonly Brand Canon.


One of the most frequent errors linked to the emergence of digital photography wants to shoot all the time. Using this technique all you get are many pictures and poor quality. The patient is one of the most important qualities of a good photographer. Knowing how to wait for the perfect catch and take your time to analyze the errors of which we are doing is essential to obtain a quality end result.

Being flexible

Sometimes we have to shoot in changing light conditions such as at dusk. We have to be flexible and able to adapt the camera settings according to the light of every moment of the day. Flexibility is also important if we set a goal never repeat the same photo. Thus, whenever we go to shoot sure slightly change the perspective or camera settings ensure we have several options when it comes to editing and stay with the picture that best tell the story we want to convey.

Learning to manage camera settings

Know how to use the camera settings is essential to achieve better results in less time. Controlling values as opening or shutter time is not just theory. While there are general rules, it is best to test your camera perfectly to meet and know at all times what are the values that give us better result each time. For example, the maximum ISO value varies greatly depending on the type of camera you have. The most important settings that we handle are the focus, the depth of field and exposure.

Learn to choose the right target

Not all goals are for all situations that we can find when we have a camera in hand. Learn to choose the right target according to what we are going to shoot is a success. For example, we will use primes when we have low light, wide angle lenses to photograph spaces a macro lens to photograph details or telephoto for capturing distant objects. Thus, it is advisable to always carry in your backpack different objectives to be prepared for any situation.

Always carry spare batteries and cards

This is the golden rule of any photographer worth his salt. Running out of battery or out of space on the card in the middle of a session is an unforgivable mistake for any photographer worth his salt. So we thoroughly prepare our team before leaving home. Make a backup on a hard drive or any storage platform in the cloud is also a very good advice to not worry about the space available in our cards.


Use the tripod

The tripod is a very important element, especially when we want to take pictures in low light conditions. A tripod helps to improve the stability of the camera and so get clear images with less blur at long exposure times. You can also consider done with a remote shutter release to prevent camera shake when you press the shutter ourselves.

Boosting creativity

The creativity of the “photographer’s eye” is very important. Try different angles and perspectives, especially if you have a camera with flip screen, is good advice. Do not be afraid to shoot in intense light conditions (light or dark) can also give very good results. Finally, inspect the space ahead looking for different perspectives or outside the norm is very important to obtain original results.

Find simplicity in the composition

Many times we want to be as true to life as possible, however if we want to catch too much information will create the opposite effect. Search the simplicity of the compositions is a hit. The compositions of landscapes should be simple and respect the line of the horizon, if in addition we accompany it of an object in the foreground, photography will charge an impressive force.


To take pictures of people, especially in the field of documentary photography, is very important to approach them. Not only to make a good portrait photo, but also to soak up the reality of where we are and we can guide interesting photographic situations. It photographing people close help us better capture their personality and create images that tell a unique and different story.

Never surrender

Taking pictures is more difficult than it sounds because you have to take into account many variables that change with the light, the situation and the story we want to tell. However it is not impossible. The persistence and the knowledge learning from our mistakes is essential to improving our screenshots. Revise always the results and try to know what you went wrong will help us, and much, taking pictures as the real professional photographers who prepared these 10 tips.


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