The 10 Most Memorable Nokia phones

The Finnish company Nokia has been one of the undisputed stars of both the year 2013 and the first weeks of this year 2014. First came the purchase of Nokia by Microsoft, now come the rumors of your Nokia with the operating system Android… what else this company will surprise users? Leaving aside all the surprises that Nokia has prepared for this year, this time we will take a look back in time. Specifically, let’s go back to the year 1994.

We are in a bit advanced as far as technology is concerned year. Anyone mention the word smartphone these days would probably be called crazy. But we reached the year 1995 and gradually better positioned socially begin to walk the streets with a strange device in our hands. This is the Nokia 1610, one of the first mobile true to their meaning available for everyone. Today an internal memory of 4 gigabytes seems limited, but in this mobile site had ten calls received ten calls made and ten missed calls only.

We arrived at the year 1997, and until 2001 one of the most popular mobile was the Nokia 6110 and Nokia 6120. We must remember that at this time the phones were rather a tool, so the lucky few who possessed these phones belonging to multinationals which was required to be in constant contact with the heads. It was the first phone of this brand to incorporate the mythical snake game and the infrared port (that port reddish which we used to pass data from one phone to another as long as we kept a few inches away from each other).

The Nokia 5110 followed in the footsteps of its predecessor and became the mobile version of the previous Nokia aimed at all audiences. We had some small details such as the ability to change the front housing of the phone, or even activate the vibration by replacing the original battery by another with this function.

Over time the existence of the old phone, cinemas received a film about that at that time virtually nothing was known: Matrix. A simple scene of this film was enough to make Nokia got sold in the year 1999 thousands of units of Nokia 8110 prices often exceeded 1000 euros. The feature that made it unique compared to its competitors was the slide which gave access to the phone keys. And why not say… Neo had much success because of this mobile.

In recent months prior to the arrival of the year 2000 Nokia was unstoppable in the mobile telephony sector. Before closing the decade, launched two phones. The first was the Nokia 8210, a phone with a much more compact design and suitable for day to day than all its predecessors. It was a new way to much more modern and small phones

And in the same year (1999) also launched the Nokia 8850. Designed with a chrome color, with a sliding lid and a much more modern screen, this terminal became a team aimed at ordinary users who want to enjoy a modern phone.

But the idea of the sliding lids was not as good as it looked. Nokia realized that what really triumphed in the mobile market were compact, and thus in the year 2000 starring mobile launched the first image of this article: the Nokia 3310. With nearly 126 million units sold worldwide, this mobile is considered one of the most popular phones in history. Despite its chunky design, this phone was quite affordable for everyone, and thus became a real super-sale across the entire planet. With applications such as calculator, games Nokia, stopwatch, to-do list and functions as calls or SMS conquered this phone pockets of millions of people.

Launched in 2003, the Nokia 1100 had a monochrome screen of 96 x 65 pixels. But it was not what brought this phone successfully. Robust design made him the quintessential mobile indestructible. Bear falls from several feet high, could be introduced into the washer and then continue to function as the first day… it was the mobile terrain that time. And such was its strength that we are talking about the best selling electronic device in the world (more than 155 million sales) ahead of other known devices such as the PlayStation 2 or the iPod from Apple.

When the world was still adjusting to the arrival of the previous Mobile, Nokia once again came to the front with the Nokia 6600. Did this time it was a new phone with a sliding lid? Your main novelty was a new version of the snake game? Not at all, it was nothing less than one of the first phones to include a color screen. In addition, it had a VGA camera, slot for storage cards and an operating system configured to run applications of all kinds. The “does not go”, built in 2003.

And we end the article with one of the phones that closed the era of mobile as known before. Hit stores in the year 2005, and its name was Nokia N70. Network Support 3G, full color screen, main chamber two-megapixel, front camera, operating system Symbian S60… all these details made this phone a hit in recent years of the classic mobile phone.


And by the way we let other popular phones like the Nokia 3210, the Nokia N95 or even the mythical attempt to launch a phone-console with the Nokia N-Gage. The story of Nokia in the mobile phone world gives to more than one book.


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