10 Designs of Motorola mobiles really curious

The U.S. manufacturer Motorola probably will not be a benchmark as far as mobile technology is concerned today, but, being the first company in the world to launch a commercial mobile market can be sure that its history hides designs that do not go unnoticed by anyone’s eyes. The launch of the mobile dating back to 1984, and then will take a hard look at the curious phones Motorola has released since that time until today.

1. Motorola V100

Launched back in 2000, the Motorola V100 is a mobile that incorporated a cover of semi-transparent plastic which gave virtually identical to the toys of that era look. But in reality, this is a phone that brought a screen with 126 x 64 pixels and a battery of 600 mAh. And watch out: the thickness of the Motorola V100 was 25 mm, which today we unreasonable given that a mobile whose thickness exceeds nine millimeters becomes a perfect target for criticism.

2. Motorola V70

The Motorola V70 was a breakthrough for its time. This mobile released in 2002 had a peculiar mechanism enabling the keyboard to hide the terminal housing. To dial a number the user simply had to move in circular keypad housing. Of course, this is a really neat design that probably tried to compete against mobile cover.

3. Motorola A925

Launched in 2003, the Motorola A925 was already incorporated a mobile interface Symbian marking a way forward for many years in the mobile telephony market. Despite its robust design, this is bringing a mobile standard with a touch screen (albeit resistive) reaching a resolution of 208 x 320 pixels. As additional “luxuries” we could find with a GPS, connectivity with 3G and with two cameras (one front and one main camera intended for video calls).

4. Motorola MOTOJEWEL

The Motorola MOTOJEWEL is not exactly one of those phones that lead people who want to go unnoticed. This terminal, released back in 2008, incorporated a case that sought to convey a look of some jewelry. Of course, once you open the mobile we found ourselves with a simple two inch screen with 128 x 160 pixels resolution, with several buttons to enable management of the reproduction of music in a more accessible way.


5. Motorola Aura

If you look well in the design of the Motorola Aura we see that its appearance is very similar to the Motorola V70. The difference is that in this case this is a limited edition Mobile incorporated a metal housing which became the main attraction of a terminal which cost $ 2.000 at launch. In addition, it also had circular specifications such as screen 1.55 inches with 480 pixels of resolution, a camera with two megpaíxeles and 2 gigabytes of internal storage.

6. Motorola Ming

The range of Motorola Ming phones manufactured included between year 2005 and year 2011 and oriented to the Chinese market. This was a varied range that was launched from mobile phones with the operating system Linux up, to finish closing the range, the mobile operating system Android.

7. Motorola Clutch i465

Slowly we are approaching mobile models that are more familiar. This time we talk about the Motorola Clutch i465, a mobile with the less controversial design as far as beauty is concerned. It was released in 2009, and incorporated a QWERTY keyboard located just below a screen 1.8 inches reaching a resolution of 120 x 160 pixels. Also it had certain “luxuries” for that time: connectivity Bluetooth and camera located at the back of the phone.

8. Motorola FLIPOUT

The Motorola FLIPOUT is probably one of the phones that will awaken more smiles in this list. It is a very popular phone hit stores in the year 2010. Its big complaint was the design because it is a mobile which housing could slide in different ways to expose the physical keyboard. The touch screen was 2.8 inches with resolution QVGA and in addition to the main chamber of three-megapixel, the striking of this mobile operating system was also the Android installed on its version of Android 2.1.

9. Motorola MILESTONE XT720

We are nearing the end of that list; metaphorically, we are also coming to mobile ended cycle of success that Motorola sported proudly in the mobile telephony market. In this case we have the Motorola MILESTONE XT720, a mobile which was nonsense from beginning to end: its strange design significantly complicating something as simple as using the phone with one hand (depending on whether they were left or right handed).

Perhaps the major problem of this terminal was to hit the market in the year 2010, a date on which the American manufacturer and Apple had already fully entered the mobile game featuring the iPhone 4. Yet, the Motorola MILESTONE XT720 looked proud specifications such as a screen 3.7 inches with 854 x 480 pixel resolution, a main chamber of eight megapixels with Xenon flash and operating system Android.

10. WILDER Motorola

Launched in the year 2011, the Motorola WILDER was an attempt to introduce an economical mobile phone on the market that did not go as Motorola expected. The battle of the mobile was practically monopolized by the operating system iOS and OS Android (produced by other manufacturers like HTC), so that neither the double screen of this mobile (a main screen of 2.8 inches with resolution QVGA and secondary display for notifications with 96 x 16 pixel resolution) and the robust design of this terminal were able to halt the slide that was bound to Motorola.


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