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Android phone, finding it is now as easy as telling Chrome to “Find my phone”

Finding your lost phone just got easier — as long as it’s an Android device. Searching Google for the words “Find my phone” will call up the Android Device Manager tool that shows where your phone is on a map. From there, you can tell the phone to ring, lock, or have ...Read More

WhatsApp Android Application launch Free Voice Calling For Everyone

After an extended beta test, WhatsApp has added a free voice calling feature to its Android app. This makes WhatsApp more competitive against services like Skype, Viber and Apple AAPL +0.56% iMessage/FaceTime. The calling feature on WhatsApp launched for Android last month in beta to a small number of users, followed by ...Read More

Top 5 mobiles phone 2015: An Overview

Year 2015 is ready to give you some of the mind-blowing tech phones at a price that you have never thought of. The beginning of the year saw Lenovo coming up with a 4G phone and Micromax Yu mobile with an octacore, both the phones are below the price Rs 10,000. It ...Read More

Top 6 Android Phone Applications You Must Have

One of the best feelings in the world is getting to open a brand new box containing your new smartphone! After peeling off the plastic and turning on your new phone, you realize that it is time to customize it according to your taste. After random icon settings and theme and fonts ...Read More

A tough fight between flagship Smartphones GALAXY S5 vs Sony Xperia Z2 vs LG G2

The immense advancement of technology in all sectors has improved and enhanced the way of living. It has casted immense impact on mobile industry as well. Therefore, mobiles from leading companies are giving a tough competition to each other such as Samsung Galaxy S5, Xperia Z2 and LG-G2. All the three Smartphones ...Read More

Samsung Galaxy S5 Specs Come With The Latest Application

As the mobile industry is advancing at a fast pace, there are loads of options, which you are likely to come across. Now, among so many options available how will you know which one to choose? Well, this daunting question now has a good answer. First, check out the features and go ...Read More

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Vs Note 3: A Faceoff!

The announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has generated a lot of buzz, which to an extent, has overshadowed the release of the phone’s prime rival – the iPhone 6 Plus. The specs of the Note 4 have had people salivating more than they did for models such as the Samsung ...Read More

All we know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The Korean company Samsung introduced its first Samsung Galaxy Note in 2011 with the aim to release a new line of smartphones equipped with much larger screens than usual. Throughout these years, the company we have become accustomed to the launch of a new generation of this smartphone in early September, just ...Read More

Tips for extending battery life of a smartphone

A smart phone or smartphone and mobile phone classic share just one function: the ability to make calls. The current concept of “mobile” evokes more to a laptop than a device to talk on the phone, due to its increasing complexity. This itself makes its energy consumption is much higher than the ...Read More

Fire Phone, the extraordinary smartphone of Amazon

Fire Phone is the name, of course, that Amazon has put its first smartphone. Finally, rumors many months – years – have materialized in a smartphone whose value is to be found, as in the case of Kindle Fire tablets in a well thought out if you are within the Amazon ecosystem ...Read More