Monthly Archive:: August 2015

All New Smart Samsung Galaxy Grand Max 16GB Smart Phone

The latest smart phone with powerful functionality and utility features is all set for sale with its stylish look. Samsung Galaxy Grand Max Smartphone is an amazing amalgamation of all new tech trends. The design is quiet impressive and is a pocket friendly smart phone that mesmerizes with it amazing performance. Entertainment ...Read More

Time Tracking & Billing Software – A Tool that can take your Business to New Heights

There are certain requirements for a business to become successful. Apart from the hard work of employees, their efficiency and productivity is also a major concern. Also an account of financial expenses is mandatory to maintain to track the amount of money spend on different projects. To keep track of both these ...Read More

Samsung Galaxy Note 5: The phablet of the year

Without any doubts, before the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 5, it has become the best phablet of the year not because of the leaked specification but we know that Samsung would manage to bring the best to the world in the figure of Note 5. So far everything seems to be ...Read More

Invoice Tracking Software – An Easy & Effective Way to Manage Transactions

An invoice contains the complete description of a product purchased by a buyer from a seller such as its date of issuing, quantity, price or other services provided by seller. Where on one hand invoices help the buyer to understand the complete billing process for a product, on the other hand they ...Read More