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How to make your travel videos not bored everyone

With summer comes the fever to record videos of holiday, but summed up the history of a journey is not as simple as it may seem, especially if you use the mobile camera. With minimal planning, learning some art using some other accessory and certain amount of creativity is not as difficult ...Read More

Beware of minor purchases from mobiles and tablets

In summer children spend much leisure time at the computer, mobile phone or tablet. In principle, these distractions do not have to be bad, but not exceeding healthy limits of time, and should not rely on them as digital babysitters. However, the fact that the child has been out just in front ...Read More

5 solutions to fix a flaw in Android application  

An application of the operating system, Android can fail for many reasons. Besides the usual tricks to speed up a mobile Android, there are other solutions that can enable us to fix a crashing application without changing mobile without desist from using that application. This time we will explain five solutions which ...Read More

Five ways to free up space on your mobile

Normally go on vacation to the beach or the countryside with the smartphone, and use it as much as music player and camera or video recorder. They are stored in it so many multimedia files which, given its weight, it is possible that the phone notifies the user that has full memory ...Read More

How to configure wireless network in your home

The operation of communication networks is hanging by a thin thread, almost always associated with the data that leaves the operator to configure the WiFi router that we have installed. For basic usage with a few connected devices, the router provides the operator will suffice. But soon you need to connect a ...Read More

The reason why many restaurants ignores social networks

With the table reserved in advance, one prepared to try the delicacies of that new location and began the sequence of dishes. It’s Mother that was nonsense: the upbringing served at room temperature, the meat overcooked and the dessert I did not know anything. At other times one had told friends and ...Read More

Is the iPad better than other tablets?

During its first years of existence, the iPad has been the undisputed leader of the tablet market. However, other manufacturers today, also grabbing a significant share of sales with equivalent quality devices. According to Gartner, in 2013 the iPad (both the iPad Mini and the iPad Air) accounted for 36% of sales, ...Read More

How to choose the right digital photo frames

In the XXI century, for many households antique frames showing a single picture are “outdated” as those photo albums that had our fathers of family travel. Today when returning from a trip, you want to show every place where it was dynamically to friends, family and neighbors form. What they need is ...Read More

Compare Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 vs iPad Mini with Retina display

Samsung introduced a few days ago its new high-end tablets and one of them is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4, a model more compact screen but has a high technical profile. The screen is one of its main strengths, is that besides having a very high resolution technology also features Super ...Read More

All we know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The Korean company Samsung introduced its first Samsung Galaxy Note in 2011 with the aim to release a new line of smartphones equipped with much larger screens than usual. Throughout these years, the company we have become accustomed to the launch of a new generation of this smartphone in early September, just ...Read More