Monthly Archive:: April 2014

HTC One M8 and Nokia Lumia 1520 are two good representatives of their respective platforms

The variety of high-end smartphones is becoming wider and each manufacturer has a model that displays its full potential. Android is the platform with more models available, but is not the only; Windows Phone also boasts the most cutting-edge devices. This time we will compare two heavyweights of these two operating systems. ...Read More

Samsung Gear Fit, one of the most attractive smart accessories

The Samsung Gear Fit is the first smart bracelet of Samsung. An accessory that comes to laying the foundation for a new generation of wearable devices with a very attractive design with curved screen and several advanced features. Through Gear Fit we can keep track of our daily exercise, measure your pulse ...Read More

Wiko retains the concept of an affordable smartphone with interesting features

Wiko continues to expand its portfolio of smartphones without losing the maximum of comprehensive terminals at very affordable prices. In this case we will talk about the new Wiko Rainbow, a terminal that promises a fresh design with shells in bright colors. The terminal maintains the spirit of the rest of the ...Read More

Finally Skype group video calling is free

Finally Skype making the group video calling is free for their users while Google Hangouts already offered that facility. For long days Skype users have requesting or free group video calling and finally Microsoft catch that request and implement it for their user. Microsoft previously offered the feature as part of its ...Read More

Nokia Lumia 635, a multi-colored, outstanding and latest mobile phone

The Finnish firm Nokia has wanted to get ahead of the official launch of the update to Windows Phone 8.1. And in the last few hours, has unveiled the first trio of terminals Lumia will work through this version of the operating system of Microsoft. For the Nokia Lumia 930 and Nokia ...Read More

Know more about photography equipment and accessories

Professional photography is not only to cover stories and weddings. Photographing people have difficulties. On this subject you need a lot of patience: the subject may bore you, you can get nervous, rigid, or can not accurately interpret your instructions regarding the pose. A product, however, be photographed giving you complete freedom. ...Read More

Ways to improve your Photography with Filters

The world of digital photography is not only camera, lenses, flash and tripod. There are other accessories that you can use and allow you to get stunning and spectacular pictures. One of these accessories is the filters. If you are a photographer or belonging to SLR world, your compact camera allows you ...Read More

Everything you need to know about the Flash

Every time you want to inquire about an external flash to your camera you feeling lost? Does the terminology, jargon and numbers around the world of the flashes are overwhelming and you back away? The technology, if incomprehensible, is useless. Manufacturers seem silly, strive to make their increasingly complex and difficult to ...Read More

The Lumia 930 has come as a terminal powerful and capable

The Finnish manufacturer Nokia already has a new flagship. And it is that with the arrival of a new version of the operating system Microsoft had to be a flagship device. That is the Nokia Lumia 930. And that is a high-end device with features that can be compared with a digital ...Read More

Technology is coming with the latest fashions

“Many of the technology devices dress reaching the shelves offer great features, but do not consider that consumers want a beautiful and cutting edge that complement their personal style devices”, said Paul Williamson, CSR, smart jewelry: a firm whose catalog a fresh new appears. The trend has its own name: in the ...Read More